Monday, December 5, 2011

The world is racing by ...

The world is racing by... All gets so much speed. People running, beeping horns, traffic jams. Time is money, now - not tomorrow. Quick, quick. White lines, poppers, do this do that.

Gear down .... !

Flying should be gear down. Flying should be being on the hill without being rushed to take off. Checking out conditions. Chilling with the buddies. Getting all prepared for a lovely flight. Take off when you please, no rush. Super float, super fly, super climb. Land smoothly. Take a bow, be humble, thankful, and (extremely) happy.

No speed should be involved.

But still. Roses of the day in the paragliding world are handed out to the fastest, the biggest, the highest, the furthest.

I am very impressed by Karel Vejchodský , under the brandnew Gradient Aspen4, he managed to fly 9 hours with an average speed of 43 km per hour. Got 372 km in.

But ain't it all too fast. Are we really that impressed ?

No doubt he plays in another league to say the least, but how many pilots are personally impressed by this achievement. Ain't it all a bit too much.

Did we really pick up the sport, to race ? Didn't we want to get out in nature, watch the sky, spot the birds, fly with them. See the world from another angle.

If you're with me, the door is wide open. I love to fly daily and for hours, but no rush.

I love Messi, he is as lightning fast ...

Gear down always ....

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