Thursday, December 1, 2011

Go-Pro or not Go-Pro

I am probably the last commercial tandem pilot who doesn't fly with a Go-Pro camera stick. And I believe it is not gonna happen soon either.

I stopped flying tandems with a instruments, like vario, long time ago. Because each time I had to explain what the beeping was about. Besides being bored explaining it, it took part of the flight away. The passengers should enjoy, look left, look right, look between his/her legs and smile, enjoying the views.

All over the world tandem pilots fly with Go-Pro nowadays. And I could earn bits more money if I did too. Not that I would mind earning some extra's here and there ... .
But the hassle, the stick, the checking battery, the power on, all the hassle I can do without. It would distract me from having a pre-flight check and from flying as well.
And I am sure the passenger can do without the extra as well.

So will I ever make the decision to ask for a Go-Pro for Xmas ? I don't think so, although I sell the bloody things as well. So business-wise, not such a good idea.

Everybody has to do what suits him best. So this is just my personal point of view, opinion. And I am only talking tandem flying, not solo flying.

And it is a wonderfull camera, no doubt.

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