Friday, March 2, 2012

Calpe - Toix - Friends

Front right above us. Rainy inland, southwesterlies. Toix was the plan.

Just a quick stop at La Cortina to scratch the hill, see if is was working. No it wasn't, could have scratched another 20 min, but what's the point.

Off to Toix, where Ariel helped Toni to get to land at Calpe. Toni didn't care and did it his orthodox way. Over the rock, what us locals would never do. Ok ok Toni, you had the height, so you were safe.

Surely enjoyed the most beautiful sites along our coast. Most of the pilots decided to wait, untill more bullet-proof-ed take offers to enjoy Calpe - Toix.

From tomorrow onwards for several days it'll be not flyable unfortunately. Too much wind. Insjalaah.

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