Monday, February 20, 2012

Back from Morocco flying Atlas and Ocean

We had a fantastic, awesome week at the Moroccon sites. Foto's can tell just little about how the week was. I am convinced all who joined will agree about the trip. Flying, culture, food, so many impressions in a week, made us dizzy.

At Aguergour we must have flewn near record heights, at the Atlantic Ocean then is was more relaxed and chilled and nice temperatures in the upper twenties.

All of you who are interested in joining us next year, should let us know. As I will invite you first on the list for next edition, that'll be february 2013.

More foto's on facebook, my account on FB is open for all who wants to look at the foto's, you can find it under DOYOUWANNA , of course....

Have a great day you all.

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