Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Almudaina, one of the oldest sites of the region.

Flew this site back in the early nineties, when Toni and Jose were running Looping.

Looping, one of the oldest schools in Spain, was based near Santa Pola. Amusingly thinking back, about the arguments they had, ending up in both running seperate schools, without succes.

Nothing changes.

"Best pilots" can't live with other "best pilots", they all want to have the biggest one, instead of having the most fun with it. It is so silly, but maybe maybe oh so human. Is it the same in your country ? I guess so.

Luckily it doesn't affect our guiding and flying. But sometimes it feels so ridiculous that some avoid sites not to meet the other. Or they gather under another tree, hide their car, to avoid eye contact, bloody pussy behaviour.

Anyway this has nothing to do with the flying today. I was just there and looked back, how things were when I was totally relying on their experience of the sites etc... .

We flew it, but lift was too strong, too much without asking. A cold front is approaching, the sky told, the forecasts predicted. A new site for Marcel and Milan. With spectacular views of La Serella in the back, and Monte Cabrer on our left.

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