Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cartoon blue sky

We all were at the wrong site. All of us. We all knew the winds were gonna blow southwest, so we paid the price.

We should have gone to Calpe. But knowing Calpe is 'only' soaring, and the fact that the last days we hadn't flewn, we were all so eager to get some thermals in.

But wrong site. Palomaret is at its worst when it is southwest. I can tell as I have flewn this site, several times, and being bounced around like a rock in a biscuit tin.

I didn't like it at all. As I was wearing my T-shirt I DO CARE, I hoped no-one was gonna soar the hill too close. So I flew out, way out in the valley. Where a cloud of little birds corkscrewed in the air. That's where I oughted to be. Got there, and lift was great. Until I got height enough to boat to the immense fields near the village of Agost, to land properly, not in the rotor at the official landings fields.

A cartoon blue sky it was though.

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